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"Mini Monet Collection"


Each painting is painted with acrylic paint, water and oil pastel on Japanese paper. I also added a bit of gold leaf to a couple of these pieces.


My idea for this collection was to make more light greens, blues and pastel colored pieces from my last mini collection. Since I painted these pieces on Japanese paper I wanted to use colors that are popular in that culture right now. I love their use of pastels and pinks. I hope when you see these pieces that they bring you a sense of tranquility and renewal.


This is a hand-painted, one of a kind oil painting made by abstract expressionist artist, Tara Bergey.


This is an abstract painting of waterlilies, encompases light and renewal with bright greens and yellows.


This painting was made using materials such as:

Acrylic paint, oil pastel, Japanese paper


Size: 7"X7"


I love to express myself through my art. I draw inspiration from nature, my faith, light and color.


Thank you for viewing!

Lily Reflections

  • Lily Reflections


    Acrylic/oil pastel on Japanese paper

  • I hope you are satisfied with your purchase. However, All Sales are final!

    I do pack all paintings with extra wrapping material in hopes that there are no damages in the process of shipping.

    I am not liable for any mishandling or failed delivery by the shipping service, or any damage that occurs post delivery.

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