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This is a hand-painted, one of a kind oil painting made by abstract expressionist artist, Tara Bergey.


This is piece is from my "Retro Quarantine Collection"

This painting was inspired by my time in quarantine in 2020. I wanted to betray loneliness, fear in waiting and the uncertainty behind every day. The girl in the painting is in the bath with her phone against her hear.


The phone symbolizes the only way to communicate with the outside world since she cannot be with anyone in person. It also symbolizes the urgent desire to communication with others but is unable to do so. The white space in this piece represents the uncertainty of the times. 


This painting was made using materials such as:

Acrylic paint on canvas


Size: 11"X14"


I love to express myself through my art. I draw inspiration from nature, my faith, light and color.


Thank you for viewing!

Waiting, Acrylic Painting on Canvas

  • 11"X14, Acrylic on canvas

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